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Verizon Simplifies SD-WAN with Cisco Virtual Managed Services

August 30, 2017


Cisco recently announced that Verizon is now using Cisco’s Virtual Managed Services (VMS) as the foundation for the delivery of its SD-WAN service. Leveraging VMS, Verizon can now help enterprises to quickly place an order for SD-WAN services based on Cisco’s Cloud Managed IWAN and configure those services with the click of a button using VMS’s end-user portal.

Setup and configuration is made simple with VMS’s zero-touch provisioning features. After the enterprise orders the service, VMS’s automated SD-WAN provisioning system takes over and new devices are added to the customer network in minutes, not months. If customers already have compatible equipment, there’s no need to wait for new equipment to be shipped and the service can be live with just a few clicks.

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