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Intel launches Agilex FPGA for smart networking

May 23, 2023


Intel has launched a field-programmable gate array—Agilex 7 with R-Tile—that features PCIe 5.0 and CXL capabilities for processing networking workloads.

The Agilex FPGA is primarily used in smartNICs that offload the processing of network traffic from the CPU, thus freeing up CPU capacity for other tasks. Intel sees Agilex playing a role in data centers, telecommunications, and financial services, among other high-traffic industries.

Agilex is a rebranding of Intel’s Stratix and Arria FPGA lines that involves renumbering, with Agilex 3 being the low-end and Agilex 9 the high-end. So Agilex 7 is not the seventh generation of the chip but is the second most powerful processor in the family.

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