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Broadcom Unveils Wi-Fi 6E Client Chipset for Mobile Devices

February 14, 2020


Broadcom this week announced what it claims is the world’s first Wi-Fi 6E client device, the BCM4389.

Wi-Fi 6E extends the Wi-Fi 6 standard to support the soon-to-be-operational 6 GHz band with wider 160MHz channel bandwidths that double Wi-Fi speeds and cut latency in half compared to Wi-Fi 5. The BCM4389 delivers over 2 Gbps of real-world speeds and up to five times better battery utilization, making it an ideal solution for flagship smartphones and future AR/VR devices, claims Broadcom.

Wi-Fi 6E builds on the rich feature set of Wi-Fi 6, which includes improved performance in crowded environments, advanced roaming capabilities and increased security.

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