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NetSfere, Deutsche Telekom Partner to Deliver Mobile Messaging Platform

November 19, 2021


NetSfere, a global provider of next-generation secure and compliant messaging and mobility solutions, announced its partnership with Deutsche Telekom to deploy NetSfere’s secure mobile messaging platform in all St. Augustinus hospitals, a leading German healthcare group.

Quick, instantaneous communication tools offer undisputed benefits to streamline staff communication, however, St. Augustinus noticed an alarming increase in the use of personal devices and popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, which pose critical privacy and compliance risks. In response, NetSfere and Deutsche Telekom partnered to implement NetSfere’s HIPAA and GDPR compliant messaging platform that offers similar functionality to apps like WhatsApp but provides the highest level of end-to-end encryption through Deutsche Telekom’s highly secure data center.

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