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Responding to Operational Needs with Intent-Based Networking

March 23, 2022

Via: Network Computing

Intent-based networking (IBN) is a network administration technology that uses artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and network orchestration to automate network-wide administrative tasks. IBN and software-defined networking (SDN) share similar aspects. SDN uses software for network configuration, driving a […]

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Juniper targets data center networks with flexible 400G switch

September 29, 2021

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Juniper has rolled out a flexible switch that can be upgraded to support 400GbE networks and includes tight integration with the company’s Apstra intent-based networking (IBN) software. The Juniper QFX5700, a 5U, eight-slot, 25.6Tbps throughput box supports a range of […]


Getting Started with Intent-Based Networking

February 23, 2021

Via: Network Computing

Intent-based networking (IBN), a form of network administration that uses machine learning and deep analytics to automate network management and maintenance, is rapidly gaining popularity, yet much confusion remains about its application and potential benefits. “IBN systems take a business […]

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Workforce resilience: extending security to remote workers

November 18, 2020

Via: Cisco Blog

Some events are so disruptive that we’re forced to re-think everything. Often, this is a blessing in disguise. All kinds of innovation springs out of questions like “is there a better way to do this?” and “should we even be […]

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Will we recognize Networking in 2 years? Exploring Networking Trends in Europe

February 24, 2020

Via: Cisco Blog

I just got to spend a week at Cisco Live Barcelona, where I spent time with our European customers to learn about their most pressing networking needs. What did I hear? Over and over, one of the recurring themes was […]


SDN is Growing Up – It’s called IBN

February 11, 2020

Via: Cisco Blog

Recently, there have been some questions circulating about whether software-defined networking (SDN) has been a success and even whether it has a future at all. In fact, if you look at the actual adoption numbers, SDN has been hugely successful […]


Bringing Domains Together with Intent-based Networking

January 9, 2020

Via: Cisco Blog

Automating connectivity and policy across domains – data center, campus, and branch – is often a problematic issue for IT. Each domain has a defined role and unique security functions, but to meet business intent across the enterprise, these domains […]


New Wireless Frontiers for the Enterprise: 5G, Wi-Fi 6, and CBRS

February 21, 2019

Via: Cisco Blog

2019 is going to be an incredible year in wireless networking. Enterprises are going to be able to take advantage of several important innovations. First, 5G carrier-based wireless is going to start rolling out broadly, bringing a promise of dramatically […]