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Xiaomi Strengthens Its Position on Consumer IoT Security

January 18, 2022

Via: The Fast Mode

Xiaomi has published a new set of proposed global standards to support and reassure consumers about the security of their data while using IoT products. The guideline entitled “Cyber Security Baseline for Consumer Internet of Things Device Version 2.0” aims […]

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Look for 5G to Supercharge These IoT Segments

June 11, 2021

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The impact of 5G is just getting started. All three major 5G operators – Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T – are heavily investing in their 5G infrastructure. T-Mobile launched the world’s first standalone 5G network in August of last year, and […]

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Building Your IoT/OT Security Project: Where to Start?

October 27, 2020

Via: Cisco Blog

As industrial organizations connect more devices, enable more remote access, and build new applications, the airgap approach to protecting industrial networks against cyber threats is no longer sufficient. As industries are becoming more digital, cyberattacks are getting more sophisticated, and […]

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Unpacking IoT, a series: The security challenge and what you can do about it

November 14, 2019

Via: Cisco Blog

Network engineers face a number of challenges when deploying Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives. Come back to the Cisco IoT blog over the next few weeks as we dive into the top three IoT challenges, and best practices for conquering […]


Earn your IoT security certification

October 29, 2019

Via: CSO

Enterprises rolling out IoT devices are justifiably excited about the opportunity to gain insight from the data that these remote sensors can provide. But at the same time, companies are worried about the security risks that come along with an […]

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The Criticality of the Network in Securing IoT and Critical Infrastructure

September 25, 2019

Via: Cisco Blog

Security is the key to the success of any digital project, whether you are connecting critical infrastructure, industrial Internet of Things (IoT), or delivering data and telemetry to reduce costs and increase revenue. We have long advocated the need for […]

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Cisco to buy IoT security, management firm Sentryo

June 6, 2019

Via: ITWorld Networking

Looking to expand its IoT security and management offerings Cisco plans to acquire Sentryo, a company based in France that offers anomaly detection and real-time threat detection for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) networks. Founded in 2014 Sentryo products include […]

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Extreme addresses networked-IoT security

May 15, 2019

Via: Networkworld Software

Extreme Networks has taken the wraps off a new security application it says will use machine learning and artificial intelligence to help customers effectively monitor, detect and automatically remediate security issues with networked IoT devices. The application – ExtremeAI security—features […]

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IoT botnets target enterprise video conferencing systems

February 20, 2019

Via: CSO

Companies have been adding internet of things (IoT) devices to their networks over the past few years, often increasing their exposure on the internet. This has led to a rise in botnets that specialize in exploiting insecure configurations and vulnerabilities […]

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Securing the IoT has become business-critical

November 16, 2018

Via: Networkworld Security

The IoT era has arrived. Here’s some proof: 83% of organizations say the Internet of Things (IoT) is important to business today, and 92% say it will be in two years. That’s according to a recent DigiCert survey conducted by […]


Spirent supports major U.S. network automation expansion

September 14, 2018

Via: RCR Wireless News

Spirent Communications says it is supporting an accelerated expansion of network automation by multiple, unnamed “top North American mobile operators” in the U.S. and Mexico. Spirent said that the expansion comes on top of successful initial rollouts of its Spirent […]

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What happens if IoT security doesn’t get solved?

June 5, 2018

Via: Networkworld Security

Sometimes, confirmation of the obvious can be really important. At least, that’s how I felt when I saw a new Bain & Company report, Cybersecurity Is the Key to Unlocking Demand in IoT. According to the consulting firm’s survey, 45 […]

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5 key enterprise IoT security recommendations

April 23, 2018

Via: Networkworld Security

Not so long ago, the phrase “consumerization of IT” was on everyone’s lips. Whole publications and conferences (remember CITE, for Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise?) were created to chronicle the trend of corporations relying on products and services originally […]

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Tips for securing IoT on your network

February 9, 2018

Via: Networkworld Security

Judging by all the media attention that The Internet of Things (or IoT) gets these days, you would think that the world was firmly in the grip of a physical and digital transformation. The truth, though, is that we all […]

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IoT security concerns are top-of-mind

May 2, 2017

Via: RCR Wireless News

Hacking and malware remain the primary vectors for cybersecurity attacks, according to the new Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, and internet of things security is increasingly top-of-mind in the wake of a number of high-profile breaches late last year. The 10th […]

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Nokia’s IoT security tool works with gear from many vendors

February 3, 2016

Via: Computerworld Networking

Nokia is taking the principle of “united we stand” to the Internet of Things with a platform that can harness systems from multiple vendors for network-wide security. The company’s NetGuard Security Management Center is designed to monitor and control all […]