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Huawei says protection and sharing of IP rights are key for tech ecosystem

June 9, 2022

Via: RCR Wireless News

The protection and sharing of intellectual property rights is critical for the development of the global tech ecosystem, according to Chinese vendor Huawei. “Protecting intellectual property is key to protecting innovation,” said Huawei’s Chief Legal Officer Song Liuping. “We are […]


How IPsec works, it’s components and purpose

December 30, 2021

Via: CSO

IPsec was first codified in the ’90s, spurred on by the dawning realization that internet traffic needed to be protected: the early internet mostly connected secured government and university buildings, and the internet protocol (IP) that defined how communications online […]


Choosing the Best VPN for your business in 2021

April 19, 2021

Via: Natalie Dunn

In the last year, due to events on a global scale, the world witnessed a significant increase in workforce mobility and businesses moving their operations online. As the number of people working from home and handling sensitive information has grown […]


Telia Carrier to Converge IP and Optical Networking Layers with Acacia’s 400G Coherent Modules

December 18, 2020

Via: The Fast Mode

Telia Carrier this week announced that it is preparing to converge their IP and optical networking layers to simplify their networks. Using Acacia’s 400G coherent modules that are plugged directly into Cisco routers, this architecture will enable Telia Carrier to […]


Wireshark: IP Octet Capture Filter

January 8, 2019

Via: Network Computing

One of the most powerful features of any protocol analyzer is the ability to capture or filter down to the byte or bit. This procedure goes by many names but all reference the words ‘Pattern Offset’ or ‘Data Offset.’ The […]


Cisco, Intel and Microsoft Accelerate the Transition from SDI to IP with an Open Source Toolkit for Media Software Vendors

September 11, 2018

Via: Cisco Blog

Live media production facilities primarily use serial digital interface (SDI) for interconnections between media applications, media appliances and other bespoke media equipment. The transition from SDI to IP aids in replacing traditional SDI cables with Ethernet networking and necessitates media […]

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Is Waymo’s IP in Uber’s hands? They may both be victims

June 6, 2017

Via: CSO

For the past four-plus months we have been reading about the dust-up between Uber and Google’s Waymo concerning the alleged theft of intellectual property (IP) by Uber from Waymo. Waymo is accusing their former technology lead, Anthony Levandowski, of taking […]


Networks of the Future: Extreme Times Call for Extreme Measures!

September 16, 2016

Via: Cisco Blog

Here’s an observation that happened to serve as the basis of a keynote I had the opportunity to give the other day, at the TIA 2016 “Network of the Future” conference, in Dallas: Yes, it would be wonderful indeed if […]