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Open cloud computing infrastructure and automation are key to 5G

March 18, 2019

Via: RCR Wireless News

Early 5G deployments are limited in coverage scope and capacity but, as operators fine tune their spectrum allocation, scale service offerings and the technology continues to mature, expect much more than simply an enhanced mobile broadband experience. Indeed, the long […]

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Exec: How SDN, SD-WAN, security fit in VMware’s strategy

March 15, 2019

Via: Networkworld Software

It has been just 10 months since Tom Gillis became VMware’s senior vice president and general manager of its networking and security business, and in that time he has overseen some major changes in the company’s core products. Most recent […]

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The journey to 5G: Technology and business practices for a disruptive new era

February 26, 2019

Via: RCR Wireless News

Like electricity and water, cellular connectivity has become a commodity that’s an essential part of modern society, the medium that will allow innovation in real-time data environments. and its ability to innovate in real-time data environments. Increasingly mobile and distributed […]

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Operationalize 5G with Segment Routing

January 28, 2019

Via: The Fast Mode

With 5G, network operators are evolving to a cloud-based network model that will reduce costs, scale rapidly and speed the development of new services. However, as we move cloud technologies out of the data center and into the wide area […]

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Durham County goes Cisco for enterprise network ops and security proficiency

January 23, 2019

Via: Networkworld Security

The government in Durham County, N.C., was spending hours and hours manually provisioning its network and keeping security policies current, so it decided two and a half years ago to upgrade for the sake of efficiency and security. Since then, […]


What’s Next for Software Defined Networks?

January 15, 2019

Via: Cisco Blog

Go to any trade show or technology event and you will see Software Defined {insert name here} everywhere. Each vendor promising the panacea of ease of use, cost savings, and being ready for the future of IoT and beyond. Moving […]

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How to Choose DPI Technology that Will Raise the Performance of Your SD-WAN Solution

December 13, 2018

Via: The Fast Mode

According to Rohit Mehra, Vice President, Network Infrastructure, IDC, “the emergence of SD-WAN technology has been one of the fastest industry transformations we have seen in years1.”The high growth potential of the SD-WAN market means that competition is high among […]

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What you need to know about SD-WAN

October 30, 2018

Via: ITWorld Networking

Harrison Lewis wasn’t looking for SD-WAN, but he’s glad he found it. Northgate Gonzalez, which operates 40 specialty grocery stores throughout Southern California, had distributed its compute power for years. Each store individually supported applications with servers and other key […]

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Automating the Network in a Multicloud World

October 8, 2018

Via: Cisco Blog

Twenty-five years ago, the pain in my wrists was unbearable. I was spending 10-12 hours a day creating presentations about the OSI model and the power of a multiprotocol network (yeah, I’m old). After visiting a doctor and physical therapist […]


What to consider for your Software-Defined Branch?

September 25, 2018

Via: Cisco Blog

As we have discussed in our Software-Defined Branch (SD-Branch) blog series, part 1 examined SD-Branch hardware and software, while part 2 explored orchestration and management options. To sum it up-the Cisco SD-Branch solution provides a simplified, software-based approach to branch […]