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Qualcomm Unveils New RF Filter Technology for 5G and Wi-Fi

October 26, 2021

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Qualcomm Technologies, last week announced the Qualcomm ultraBAW RF filter technology for bands up to 7 GHz. Radio frequency (RF) filters isolate radio signals from the different spectrum bands that phones use to receive and transmit information. The new Qualcomm ultraBAW […]

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Managing HetNets: How Application Awareness Drives Intelligent Mobile Data Offloading Decisions

October 4, 2021

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5G comes with a lot of promises, including unlimited bandwidth and unrivalled speeds. Today’s mobile users expect 5G to deliver rich and highly interactive content seamlessly on their devices – whether it’s HD video streaming, online gaming or a virtual […]

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NFL, Extreme Networks Extend Partnership for Wi-Fi 6 Deployments

September 24, 2021

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Extreme Networks has extended its partnership with the National Football League (NFL) and will remain the Official Wi-Fi Network Solutions Provider and Official Wi-Fi Analytics Provider of the NFL through 2024, adding with new Wi-Fi 6 deployments. As a result, […]

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LitePoint launches Wi-Fi 7 test system

September 17, 2021

Via: RCR Wireless News

LitePoint has revealed a new test system for Wi-Fi 7 or IEEE 802.11be standard. The IQxel-MX test system is a fully integrated RF PHY test solution with signal generation and analysis combined in a single tester, supporting a continuous frequency […]

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Phones with Wi-Fi 6E are exciting – but city and business adoption of the new standard is essential (Reader Forum)

September 16, 2021

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The release of the latest iPhones is always an occasion for excitement, and this week’s announcement is no exception. Apple’s new mobile devices support the Wi-Fi 6E standard, a harbinger of transformative change we can expect in what people and […]

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Wi-Fi 7 is coming, and Intel makes it sound great

September 1, 2021

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Wi-Fi has been with us since 1997, predating Google, the iPhone, and robotic vacuum cleaners. It’s basically a legacy technology! Despite its maturity, Wi-Fi is always evolving to meet the needs of consumers and enterprises. There have been eight versions […]


Slow Wi-Fi? Here Are 10 Ways to Improve Your Internet Speed

August 30, 2021

Via: Natalie Dunn

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the internet has been a real lifeline for all of us, keeping us connected to each other, our workplaces, friends, and families. If there’s something we learned during the pandemic, it is how to […]

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What CISOs need to know about Wi-Fi 6E

August 24, 2021

Via: CSO

Wi-Fi 6E is a technical extension of the Wi-Fi 6 standard to deliver improved Wi-Fi capacity, less interference, and higher throughput. Introduced in January 2021 by the Wi-Fi Alliance, Wi-Fi 6E allows for an increased frequency band of 6 GHz, […]

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Best mesh Wi-Fi routers 2021: the best wireless mesh routers for large homes

August 18, 2021

Via: TechRadar

What’s amazing about the best mesh Wi-Fi routers is they’ll expand your network to cover every corner of your home or office the way your current router never could. Instead of a single unit, these routers are made of multiple […]

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Building the Right Wi-Fi 6 Infrastructure

August 6, 2021

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Digitalisation has been the key enabler of the post-pandemic rebound for many organisations, and of the changes that have driven the recovery, perhaps the most transformative has been the exponential adoption of connected devices. Asia Pacific looks poised to be […]