image credit: vecstock / Freepik

Viettel Announces Successful Development of 5G Chip

November 9, 2023


Viettel, a network operator and telecoms company in Vietnam, has successfully pioneered research into a 5G chip. The research, which began in 2019, culminated at the International Innovation Exhibition Vietnam event, where the announcement was made. This affirms that Viettel has a complete purview of 5G telecommunications infrastructure, from wireless transceivers, switching devices, transmission equipment, wireless access devices to the core network.

Information reveals that the first 5G DFE chip series in Vietnam belongs to the 5G product ecosystem completely designed by Viettel’s engineers. This is the first and only instance in Vietnam where the most advanced and complex chip within the 5G ecosystem has been developed and successfully tested by engineers at Viettel.

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