image credit: Unsplash

T-Mobile US: Standalone 5G reaches 200M

November 16, 2021


T-Mobile US announced Monday that it has expanded the reach of its Standalone (SA) 5G network to reach 200 million people nationwide. T-Mobile remains the only nationwide U.S. carrier to offer standalone 5G, which it has branded “Ultra Capacity 5G.”

T-Mobile US CEO Mike Sievert took to Twitter to share the news, and said that the deployment is about six weeks ahead of plan.

T-Mobile’s merger with Sprint in 2019 led the way for T-Mobile to use Sprint’s licensed 2.5 GHz spectrum and previously licensed 600MHz spectrum to roll out its standalone 5G network in 2019. By the summer of 2020, T-Mobile claimed to deploy the world’s first nationwide 5G SA network.

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