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Google’s Cross-Cloud Network service aims to simplify multicloud networking

August 29, 2023

Via: Network World

The appeal of promising network technologies can be jaded by pressure to adopt untested ideas. When I look over the comments I’ve gotten from enterprise technologists tGoogle Cloud has added a new service that promises to make it easier for […]

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Navigating the Connectivity Landscape: Best Practices for Securing Network Architecture

August 9, 2023

Via: Network Computing

Data has become a currency for enterprises. As businesses traffic more and more data through their digital value chains, they’re beginning to think more carefully about safeguarding that data and ensuring it gets to its destination quickly and securely. Securing […]


In 2019, Networking Will All Be up in the Clouds

January 23, 2019

Via: The Fast Mode

2018 was hard work for the telecoms sector. NFV continued to be a hard slog and the race to 5G was on. But while telcos tried to solve problems in their usual thoughtful but slow way, IT raced ahead, using […]