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5G will embolden IoT, but LTE supports variety of use cases

September 1, 2017

Via: RCR Wireless News

Many industry watchers, including me, have referred to massive-scale internet of things (IoT) as the killer app for forthcoming 5G mobile networks. But that doesn’t mean advanced internet of things use cases including drone-based services won’t be viable until 5G […]


Private LTE networks create new opportunities for industrial IoT

August 31, 2017

Via: RCR Wireless News

With the recent confluence of new spectrum sharing innovations and the genesis of “Industry 4.0”—the digital transformation of industrial processes and the fourth industrial revolution—the potential for private IoT networks is substantial. New technologies, such as MulteFire and LTE-based CBRS, […]

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Top 5 IoT manufacturing use cases

August 28, 2017

Via: RCR Wireless News

The industrial “internet of things” is reshaping a variety of vertical industries as companies around the globe harness technology to increase efficiencies and cut costs. Manufacturing is one of those verticals; here’s an overview of five IoT manufacturing use cases. […]

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Is SD-WAN more powerful for enterprise networking?

July 9, 2017

Via: Andy Melman

Remember software-defined networking? In fact, software-defined anything, out of the ever growing range of tech features that slowly move towards virtualization, beginning with this step. SD-WAN is in the spotlight this time, as software-defined networking in wide-area networks is the […]

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The Internet is Closer to Home Than You Think

June 13, 2017

Via: Cisco Blog

The Internet is global in spirit. But the traffic associated with it is increasingly local in nature, as we found in our recent VNI study. Consider a typical Internet user in North America. Today, over a third (35%) of the […]

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IoT security: will today’s methods work?

June 8, 2017

Via: RCR Wireless News

Researchers from the University of Michigan and Stony Brook University have published a paper calling for new security mechanisms for the internet of things. The authors say that some security challenges presented by the IoT can be solved using traditional […]

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The Internet of Vulnerable Things

June 7, 2017

Via: Cisco Blog

Technological progress is resulting in computing systems that are smaller, cheaper and consuming less power. These micro-computing systems are able to be integrated into everyday objects; when coupled with ubiquitous wireless connectivity these devices form the “Internet of Things”. The […]

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Advances in IIoT Made Possible by Innovations in 5G, Virtualization and the Cloud

June 1, 2017

Via: RCR Wireless News

Innovations in 5G, virtualization and cloud technologies will make new applications and services possible in both personal and industrial IoT in the next several years. The evolution of the RAN and the packet core in 5G will benefit from pervasive […]

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National Instruments integrates time-sensitive networking into Ethernet chassis

May 25, 2017

Via: RCR Wireless News

The internet of things is distributing intelligence to the network edge, and that means test and measurement solutions must also migrate to the edge. National Instruments is working to solve the synchronization and systems management challenges created by the distributed […]


Sony’s Altair will supply modems for AT&T’s newest IoT modules

May 23, 2017

Via: RCR Wireless News

Sony’s Altair Semiconductor will supply modem chips for AT&T’s $7.50 Category M1 LTE modules, which the carrier announced late last week. Altair was also AT&T’s modem vendor for its Category 1 LTE modules, which were priced at $14.99. “A&T has […]