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Best wireless adaptors in 2021: PCIe and USB dongles for boosting Wi-Fi

July 1, 2021

Via: TechRadar

The best wireless adaptors remain incredibly useful even in 2021, as they can allow pretty much any device to connect to a Wi-Fi network. While most modern devices have Wi-Fi built in, there are many that don’t such as PCs […]

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USB4 gets final approval, offers Ethernet-like speed

September 5, 2019

Via: Networkworld Software

The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), the industry consortium behind the development of the Universal Serial Bus (USB) specification, announced this week it has finalized the technical specifications for USB4, the next generation of the spec. One of the most important […]


Stealthy USB Trojan hides in portable applications, targets air-gapped systems

March 25, 2016

Via: CSO

A Trojan program is being distributed through USB drives and seems to be designed for stealing information from so-called air-gapped computers that are not connected to the Internet. The new Trojan has been dubbed USB Thief by security researchers from […]