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Global IP Networks Focus on Sharpening Their Edge

December 4, 2018

Via: Cisco Blog

According to the latest VNI forecast, global service provider networks are getting edgier. By 2022, a third of service provider network capacity will be at the edge or within the metro, growing up from 27 percent in 2017. While the […]


2018 Complete VNI Forecast Update – What’s Trending?

November 27, 2018

Via: Cisco Blog

This week, we released our annual Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Complete Forecast, which covers global, regional, and country-level projections and trends associated with fixed and mobile networks. The full report includes information and analysis on devices/connections growth, IoT advances […]


Networks of the Future: Extreme Times Call for Extreme Measures!

September 16, 2016

Via: Cisco Blog

Here’s an observation that happened to serve as the basis of a keynote I had the opportunity to give the other day, at the TIA 2016 “Network of the Future” conference, in Dallas: Yes, it would be wonderful indeed if […]

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The Zettabyte Era Officially Begins (How Much is That?)

September 12, 2016

Via: Cisco Blog

For more than a decade, Cisco has tracked and projected global Internet traffic growth and associated networking trends through the Visual Networking Index (VNI). From day one, the Zettabyte has been a benchmark that our analysts have targeted as a […]