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Research breakthrough could enable future 6G communications networks

April 12, 2024

Via: Data Centre & Network News

A breakthrough development in wireless communication technology could help deliver the ultra-fast and software-controlled 6G networks of the future, researchers say. A team led by researchers from the University of Glasgow has developed an innovative wireless communications antenna which combines […]

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A comprehensive guide to Wi-Fi 6 & other wireless technologies in 2021 (Reader Forum)

November 2, 2021

Via: RCR Wireless News

Welcome to 2021! Wireless technology has been an important part of our daily lives for many decades now, especially with the establishment of Wi-Fi, which is still used worldwide today. However, not only do we have ourselves to thank for […]


Beamforming explained: How it makes wireless communication faster

October 15, 2019

Via: ITWorld Networking

Beamforming is a technique that focuses a wireless signal towards a specific receiving device, rather than having the signal spread in all directions from a broadcast antenna, as it normally would. The resulting more direct connection is faster and more […]