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5G mmWave: The Next Generation of Fixed Wireless Access Services Has Arrived

March 7, 2024


Fixed wireless access (FWA) is surging in popularity thanks to 5G technology. It’s seen explosive growth, especially in areas lacking wired broadband options, and is expected to reach more than 250 million happy subscribers by 2028 (1).

While this success has enabled operators to generate new revenues and boost the return on their 5G investments, it has presented some challenges for the industry. Because fixed broadband users crave around 20x more data than mobile users, it’s been essential to ensure 5G capacity is managed in such a way as to avoid service degradation for both FWA and mobile users. These capacity challenges have been addressed by enhancements to antenna strength, device positioning, automated cell selection, and general RAN capacity management improvements, to name a few.

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