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The security tech stack is out of control, here is what to do about it

December 6, 2017

Via: CSO

Last year may have seen a record number of data breaches, but 2017 is already on track to break it. According to the Identity Theft Resource center (ITRC), cyber attacks tracked through June of this year were 29 percent higher than 2016, and, if this trend continues, are projected to see a 39 percent annual increase.

The cause is clear: a report by Aberdeen and Cyber adAPT shows two in five enterprises are swapping PC-oriented for mobile-first computing, and nearly half are investing in connected device initiatives. (Disclosure: I am employed by Cyber adAPT.) As a result, CISOs are trying to protect increasingly edgeless networks and the smartphones, watches, and gadgets connected to them — all while juggling the range of firewalls, tools and vendors that connected computing brings.

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