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6 reasons why a secure advanced SD-WAN is critical to SASE

February 29, 2024


Gartner says that “By 2026, 60% of new SD-WAN purchases will be part of a single-vendor secure access service edge (SASE) offering, up from 15% in 2022.”1 But, what if SD-WAN was not part of SASE (Secure Access Service Edge)? Can organizations implement SASE without SD-WAN? Can users and devices securely access resources from everywhere, including branch locations? In this article, we’ll examine the reasons why a secure SD-WAN is critical to SASE.

A secure SD-WAN provides organizations with two critical capabilities: Application performance and branch security. Let’s first analyze in detail these two capabilities before examining the consequences if SD-WAN wasn’t included in the SASE framework.

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