As networks open up, who aggregates the disaggregation?

March 11, 2019

Today 5G deployments are relatively limited in coverage scope, although that will rapidly change as the telecom industry enters a multi-year investment supercycle. The early focus will be on delivering enhanced mobile broadband but, as standards continue to progress, that […]

Untangle Launches Micro Firewall and SD-WAN Router with New Network Security Framework

March 6, 2019

Untangle announced the introduction of its Network Security Framework, a new approach to security orchestration across the enterprise. The Untangle Network Security Framework provides IT teams with the ability to ensure protection, monitoring and control for all devices, applications, and […]

Protecting the IoT: 3 things you must include in an IoT security plan

February 27, 2019

With many IT projects, security is often an afterthought, but that approach puts the business at significant risk. The rise of IoT adds orders of magnitude more devices to a network, which creates many more entry points for threat actors […]


Understanding the technological and business appeal of 5G fixed wireless access

March 19, 2019

Via: RCR Wireless News

Throughout the standardization process, 5G was boiled down to three primary use cases: enhanced mobile broadband, massive support for the internet of things and ultra-reliable low-latency communications. Providing mobile users with higher speeds was always regarded as the first 5G […]

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Looking beyond 5G, FCC opens up Terahertz spectrum

March 19, 2019

Via: RCR Wireless News

To say we’re in the early days of 5G is an understatement, but regulators and academics in the U.S. are already looking to what’s next. Last week the U.S. Federal Communications Commission voted to open up frequencies from 95 GHz […]

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Cyber risk management challenges are impacting the business

March 19, 2019

Via: CSO

There was quite a bit of banter about boardroom cybersecurity actions at this year’s RSA Security Conference. No surprise here; business executives understand what’s at stake and are asking CISOs to provide more cyber risk data and metrics, so they […]


The first steps in transforming to 5G

March 18, 2019

Via: Cisco Blog

5G dominated the headlines coming out of Mobile World Congress 2019 with many announcements of new handsets and network components. To hear what Cisco announced at Mobile World Congress, read Jonathan Davidson’s blog. 5G is the newest mobile standard that […]