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4 reasons why Desktop as a Service is a preferred solution today

June 18, 2021


DaaS—or Desktop as a Service—is a cloud service that has been used for almost a decade, hosting virtual instances of a desktop operating system that users can access from anywhere. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the use of DaaS, and companies all over the world have started to leverage its features, migrating from traditional environments to more agile, adaptive, and suitable solutions for the increasing number of remote employees.

Of course, there are both advantages and disadvantages of using DaaS in your organization, but analysts believe that 2021 is the year of a Desktop-as-a-Service solution. Why?

This article explores 4 reasons why this robust solution is one preferred by many enterprises.

1. Advanced security 

2020 challenged companies to make sure their remote employees have a secure environment for their daily operations. But according to recent studies, it was also the year with the most data breachesnumbering over 2935 reported breaches in the first three quarters alone.

But Desktop as a Service has provided businesses with functional and secure virtual desktops during the most difficult timesimproving the security of end-point devices so that employees could work from home without stressing about technical issues and data loss incidents. 

2. A smooth transition to remote work

Remote work took a new meaning in 2020. Both enterprises, small businesses, and employees all around the world had to redefine work from home and adapt to new policies, technology, and (a lack of) office culture.

Luckily, DaaS has helped companies make a smooth transition toward remote work, relieving much of the stress of implementing new technologies for many businesses. Workspace platforms enable businesses to adapt and employees to benefit from flexible virtual desktops on their devices—such as laptops and smartphones. These virtual desktops can be accessed on any platform. As a result, employees were empowered to work comfortably from the safety of their homes during the pandemic, and organizations were able to keep their businesses going.

Today, 47% of enterprises are willing to implement remote work on a full-time basis by using the right solutions for their employees in DaaS—a trend that is expected to continue into the future.

3. Business continuity

Sustainability—this word was and still is on everyone’s lips nowadays, as companies around the world are striving to achieve business continuity. But limited remote work potential and rising security challenges have made their job even more difficult.

Desktop-as-a-Service solutions were adopted to ensure processes run smoothly and assure companies that hardware failure at the backend affords no downtime while using virtual desktops.

4. DaaS takes care of all IT needs 

Due to the pandemic, IT departments went from busy to overwhelmed. Migrating entire business operations to remote working models while ensuring the security and safety of the new systems was no easy task. Many shifted successfully, but some could not overcome the hurdles. 

While IT professionals faced disruption alongside some of the biggest challenges, organizations that invested in Desktop as a Service were fully covered in terms of IT services. Innovative solutions from reputed providers—such as Amazon WorkSpaces, Citrix DaaS, VMWare, or Windows—include designing and offering secure, flexible, agile environments. What is more, it is the provider’s responsibility to ensure that security, application updates, or desktop management are all taken care of, saving IT teams precious time and significant resources. 

This is why DaaS is a preferred choice for organizations of all sizes that can’t afford all the costs associated with building a robust infrastructure. Desktop as a Service is the right solution for their new work-from-home requirements—and will continue to be in the future, as the best virtual desktop services, or Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) providers, can supply secure, flexible, and cost-effective solutions for remote working.