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Apple, Cisco, Aon and Allianz partner in cyber risk management

February 12, 2018

Via: CSO

In almost every conversation I have today with business or IT leaders, the topic of security and risk comes up. Want to move to the cloud? Sounds great, but what about security? Thinking of rolling out a new customer-facing application? That could change the business, but how do we protect the data? Considering an IoT strategy? Makes sense, but what kind of new risks does that create?

Make no mistake, cyber risk is real. And the more connected and digital businesses become, the higher the stakes and level of danger. Don’t misunderstand my words. In no way am I’m saying to not move forward with these advanced initiatives. Businesses must become digital organizations, and infrastructure modernization is a key part of that. But the fact is we rely heavily on technology, and this creates new entry points for the bad guys to exploit.

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