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5 things you should know about cybersecurity insurance

February 17, 2020

Via: CSO

You leave kerosene-soaked rags all around your house. You chain smoke. One day, while relaxing in front of an episode of CSI:Cyber, your hand slips and a lit cigarette sets your sofa on fire. Your house burns down. The insurance […]

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Presidential campaigns taking email security more seriously–not so much at the local level

February 10, 2020

Via: CSO

The 2020 election season got off to what could be a record-setting rocky start with delays in the reporting of the Iowa caucus results due to a poorly developed app. The failure of the mobile IowaReporterApp developed for the Democratic […]

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Next-generation endpoint security goes beyond the endpoint

February 6, 2020

Via: Networkworld Security

Security remains in the top three concerns of most enterprises, as a plethora of end point devices (especially smartphones and tablets) are deployed. We’re also seeing a move to a distribution of corporate apps to on-device, on-prem data center and […]

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10 tough security interview questions, and how to answer them

February 3, 2020

Via: CSO

Anyone who’s experienced a job interview knows that one of the keys to landing a position is answering the interview questions effectively and intelligently—without sounding like a robot. It’s no different for high-level security executives. In fact, given the importance […]

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Securing the IoT is a nightmare

January 28, 2020

Via: Networkworld

Spoiler alert: you’re not going to wake up from this nightmare anytime soon. Currently, we have over 26-billion internet of things (IoT) devices running in our workplaces, offices and homes. Of those, I’d guess — let me think about this […]

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Closing the security gap in OT/IT convergence

January 27, 2020

Via: CSO

Schneider Electric knows the business value of connecting its 200-plus distribution and production centers and converging them with IT systems. As more and more industrial environments are connected through sensors and actuators to produce data for proactive insights and services, […]

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Integrating Smart Systems: From Connected Cars to Security

January 24, 2020

Via: CSO

There is probably no better example of the potential for digital innovation, and the challenges we will need to overcome to get there, than the smart car. Over the past several years, cars have become increasingly sophisticated. Safety systems include […]

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Insecure configurations expose GE Healthcare devices to attacks

January 23, 2020

Via: CSO

Researchers have found insecure configurations of the remote access and administration features present in several patient monitoring devices and servers made by GE Healthcare that are used in clinics and hospitals around the world. The identified issues involve the use […]


From the enterprise to the IoT edge, we have you covered with SD-WAN

January 22, 2020

Via: Cisco Blog

Deploying a security patch to address a new vulnerability. Performing critical software updates or conducting network performance tests. As enterprises try to expand the scope of deployment from carpeted areas to outdoor environments – for example, a financial or retail […]

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US elections remain vulnerable to attacks, despite security improvements

January 21, 2020

Via: CSO

Days away from the Iowa caucuses, and less than 11 months from the general election, voting and election security continues to be a challenge for the U.S political system. Threats to a secure election appear to loom as large today […]