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17 predictions about 5G networks and devices

June 18, 2019

Via: Networkworld Software

Almost every significant technology advancement now goes through what Gartner calls the “hype cycle.” These days, Everyone expects new technologies to be met with gushing optimism and dreamy visions of how it’s going to change the world in the blink […]


Software Defined Perimeter (SDP): Creating a new network perimeter

June 12, 2019

Via: Networkworld Software

Networks were initially designed to create internal segments that were separated from the external world by using a fixed perimeter. The internal network was deemed trustworthy, whereas the external was considered hostile. However, this is still the foundation for most […]


Cisco offers cloud-based security for SD-WAN resources

June 12, 2019

Via: Networkworld Software

As many companies look to SD-WAN technology to reduce costs, improve connectivity and streamline branch office access, one of the key requirements will be solid security technologies to protect corporate resources. At its Cisco Live customer event here this week, […]

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Managed WAN and the cloud-native SD-WAN

May 28, 2019

Via: Networkworld Software

In recent years, a significant number of organizations have transformed their wide area network (WAN). Many of these organizations have some kind of cloud-presence across on-premise data centers and remote site locations. The vast majority of organizations that I have […]

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Best mesh Wi-Fi routers: Reviews and buying advice

May 10, 2019

Via: ITWorld Networking

A great wireless router is an essential element of tech life, whether you’re building out a smart home or you just want the best experience streaming music and video at home. If you’re suffering with low wireless throughput or dead […]

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Together Wi-Fi 6 and 5G Will Bring a Huge Wave of Innovation

April 30, 2019

Via: Cisco Blog

The rollout of better connectivity with 5G and Wi-Fi 6 is a once-in-a-generation gamechanger and I predict an explosion of innovation as a result. We’ve seen it before; when connectivity improves there is an accompanying wave of new products, services […]


Extreme 5G network research gets funding

April 18, 2019

Via: Networkworld Software

Wireless transmission at data rates of around 45 gigabits per second could one day be commonplace, some engineers say. “Fiber-in-air” is how the latest variant of 5G infrastructure is being described. To get there, a Britain-funded consortium of chip makers, […]


What SDN is and where it’s going

April 16, 2019

Via: ITWorld Networking

Hardware reigned supreme in the networking world until the emergence of software-defined networking (SDN), a category of technologies that separate the network control plane from the forwarding plane to enable more automated provisioning and policy-based management of network resources. SDN’s […]

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The Modern Definition of Network Security

April 12, 2019

Via: CSO

When it comes to network security, the definition of those responsibilities has greatly evolved, just as the capabilities of networking have evolved. Think of the past environments you have worked in, going back as far as your token ring or […]


Beyond SD-WAN: VMware’s vision for the network edge

April 8, 2019

Via: Networkworld Software

VeloCloud is now a Business Unit within VMware since being acquired in December 2017. The two companies have had sufficient time to integrate their operations and fit their technologies together to build a cohesive offering. In January, Neal Weinberg provided […]