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Modern Networks Require High-Performance Internal Segmentation

February 24, 2020

Via: CSO

Today’s businesses run on applications, services, and workflows that need to travel laterally across the extended network without interruption. To keep up with these demands, organizations are having to radically redesign their networks, including the addition of dynamic multi-cloud environments, […]

Analysis, Monitoring&Analysis

How to deal with the impact of digital transformation on networks

January 13, 2020

Via: Networkworld Software

Digital transformation has increased the importance of the network, particularly the edge, where customers, employees, cloud applications and IoT devices connect to the enterprise. The legacy static and non-differentiated network edge of years past is no longer sufficient for many […]

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Three Types of Risky Communications You Should Watch Out For

November 26, 2019

Via: CSO

How do you know who your Internet Assets are talking to? If you don’t have visibility into risky communications your assets and employees are engaging in, you can’t secure your network and your data. Subsidiaries and strategic suppliers only make […]


Researchers use 3-D printing to make optical fiber preform

November 4, 2019


Researchers at two Australia universities have collaborated to develop a way to 3-D print a preform that can be drawn into silica glass optical fibers, for new types of telecommunications networks and other purposes. The partnership from the University of […]


Wireless noise protocol can extend IoT range

October 31, 2019

Via: Networkworld Software

The effective range of Wi-Fi, and other wireless communications used in Internet of Things networks could be increased significantly by adding wireless noise, say scientists. This counter-intuitive solution could extend the range of an off-the-shelf Wi-Fi radio by 73 yards, […]

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25 Gb For Campus Networks – Just Upgrade It!

October 18, 2019

Via: Cisco Blog

Enterprise campus networks are straining to support increasingly bandwidth-hungry endpoints. Networks support more devices that deliver richer content like HD (High Definition) video and advanced technology such as Wi-Fi 6. Enterprises can future-proof their networks with greater bandwidth while minimizing […]


Using DCNM 11 for Easy Provisioning of Networks and VRF’s

August 5, 2019

Via: Cisco Blog

As you might remember from our last post within our DCNM 11 series, we discussed Easy Management of Interfaces using DCNM. Today, we’re continuing the discussion by featuring how Cisco’s Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) empowers Easy Provisioning of Overlays […]


Cloud ready networks for government: Connecting everyone and everything

July 31, 2019

Via: Cisco Blog

Let’s start with some existing Federal agency efforts to accelerate adoption of cloud in Fiscal Year 2020. This includes the new Federal Cloud Computing Strategy and an update to the Federal Data Center Optimization Initiative. Each can provide keen insight […]

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EU completes first phase of 5G cybersecurity risk assessment

July 22, 2019

Via: RCR Wireless News

With commercial 5G service popping up around Europe and the globe, public officials are involved in ongoing discussion around the cybersecurity of these next-generation networks, particular in the context of to what extent if any Chinese network infrastructure vendors Huawei […]


An eco-friendly internet of disposable things is coming

July 3, 2019

Via: Networkworld Software

Get ready for a future of disposable of internet of things (IoT) devices, one that will mean everything is connected to networks. It will be particularly useful in logistics, being used in single-use plastics in retail packaging and throw-away shippers’ […]