image credit: Lifestylememory / Freepik

Huawei Promotes Innovative 5G Solutions for Industry 4.0 Infrastructure

November 13, 2023


The 5G Smart Factory Forum was held today at the Huawei European Supply Center (HESC) in Budapest. At the forum, Huawei stated that 5G-powered innovative solutions, including self-driving vehicles, AI-driven quality control, and AR-assisted remote maintenance, will serve as the typical applications and basic capabilities of future smart factories.

To drive broad adoption of 5G and AI technologies in Industry 4.0-related fields and thus facilitate the development of the digital economy, Huawei promised to continue promoting the inclusion of innovative 5G solutions for Industry 4.0 infrastructure in the Global Alliance on AI for Industry and Manufacturing (AIM Global) launched by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

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