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3 guiding principles of data security in the AI era

February 27, 2024


AI hype and adoption are seemingly at an all-time high with nearly 70% of respondents to a recent S&P report on Global AI Trends saying they have at least one AI project in production. While the promise of AI can fundamentally reshape business operations, it has also created new risk vectors and opened the doors to nefarious individuals that most enterprises are not currently equipped to mitigate.

In the last 6 months, three reports (S&P Global’s 2023 Global Trends in AI report, Foundry’s 2023 AI Priorities Study, and Forrester’s report Security And Privacy Concerns Are The Biggest Barriers To Adopting Generative AI) all had the same findings: data security is the top challenge and barrier for organizations looking to adopt and implement generative AI.

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