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Insurer Secures Edges with Fortinet Secure SD-WAN and SD-Branch

April 22, 2021

Via: CSO

Many IT leaders are recognizing the benefits of breaking down the barriers between network and security operations centers (NOC and SOC, respectively). Especially as teleworking, supply chain integration, and merger and acquisition activities—among other digital innovation initiatives—continue to expand the network infrastructure footprint and bring more networking and security challenges to organizations. In companies that rely on multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), this leads to increasing connectivity costs and bandwidth congestion. Fortinet Secure SD-WAN promises to solve connectivity problems, but many vendor solutions – the ones that don’t offer a converged fabric – can leave companies with management and security challenges in the local area network (LAN), with multiple point products to manage at locations and traffic no longer routed through the corporate data center for inspection.

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