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Why AI Cybersecurity Is So Important for Network Teams

April 6, 2023

Via: Network Computing

ChatGPT has gained significant attention for its ability to expedite daily tasks. It has garnered popularity among programmers and non-technical users alike who seek to create programs, thanks to its capacity to produce high-quality code from text-based inputs. Non-technical users […]

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Palo Alto Networks to Acquire AppSec Startup Cider Security

November 18, 2022

Via: The Fast Mode

Palo Alto Networks announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Cider Security (Cider), a pioneer in application security (AppSec) and software supply chain security. The proposed acquisition supports Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud’s platform approach to securing […]

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What is serverless computing?

April 12, 2022

Via: RCR Wireless News

Serverless computing takes the guesswork out of managing cloud infrastructure. This lets app developers focus on writing code, not managing the servers the code runs on. Serverless computing promises more cost-effective management of the underlying hardware that enables cloud apps […]

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How to Write Secure New Code and Reduce ‘Security Debt’

April 21, 2020

Via: CSO

It’s no secret that the volume, sophistication, and consequences of cyber attacks have escalated dramatically in recent years. That trend has organizations scrambling to tighten up the security of the software applications they’re developing and deploying. Based on the 10th […]