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Tips for new tech devices

December 24, 2020

Via: ITWorld Networking

Tech gear is a perennially popular holiday gift. If you’re the proud owner of a new phone, tablet, computer or other device — or you provide tech support for family and friends with new devices — we’re here to help. […]


How to Support Future Traffic Growth: New 800G Optics MSA

June 26, 2020

Via: Cisco Blog

Traffic across IP networks continues to grow, and networks continue to evolve to manage new traffic patterns and demands. This has always been the case, and the industry has a long history of developing new standards through various organizations, such […]

Monitoring&Analysis, Security

HandBrake mirror server hacked to serve up Proton RAT for Macs

May 8, 2017

Via: Networkworld Security

If you recently downloaded the HandBrake app for Mac, then there’s a good chance your system is infected with a nasty Remote Access Trojan (RAT). On Saturday, the HandBrake team posted a security alert after learning one of the mirror […]

Monitoring&Analysis, Security

Snake cyberespionage malware is ready to bite Mac users

May 5, 2017

Via: Networkworld Security

A sophisticated Russian cyberespionage group is readying attacks against Mac users and has recently ported its Windows backdoor program to macOS. The group, known in the security industry as Snake, Turla or Uroburos, has been active since at least 2007 […]