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Net-Zero for Networks: How Climate Change Could Impact Connectivity

April 29, 2024

Via: Camila Mendes

When we think about the impact of climate change, we often think about extreme weather events: rampant wildfires, monsoon floods, drought, and cold snaps. Climate change and associated hazards pose a significant threat to how we do business, connect, and […]

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The inconspicuous brake in network cables

November 27, 2023

Via: Data Centre & Network News

In many networks, there is an inconspicuous brake on data traffic. R&M explains the situation. The often unrecognised vulnerability in local area networks (LANs) is due to certain effects of electrical resistance. Experts know this phenomenon as resistance unbalance in […]


Two Simple Solutions for Expanding Your Office Wi-Fi Network

March 31, 2022

Via: Natalie Dunn

There are several simple ways to expand Wi-Fi networks at home or in a small-to-medium office space. Almost all of them involve using either a high-gain antenna, or the additional use of an access point or extender, also known as […]