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How to Clean Network Firewall Rules in Four Steps

August 21, 2023

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Organizations must ensure appropriate security policies are in place to safeguard their investments and optimize their security effectiveness. However, with the expansion and increased complexity of networks, network operations teams face challenges managing numerous firewalls and network devices from multiple […]

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The Problem With Network Visibility

January 11, 2021

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Network visibility has been a buzzword for a few years now and has attracted its share of enthusiasts over that time. Skim through the industry press from 2020, and you’ll come away with the impression that network visibility is a […]


5G automation: The whys, the hows, and the when

March 12, 2020

Via: RCR Wireless News

It’s become almost a mantra in the industry: 5G will make automation a necessity, because of the large number of network devices that will be deployed to ferry the huge amounts of data that will inundate networks. Many vendors and […]


Unpacking IoT, a series: The scalability challenge and what you can do about it

December 3, 2019

Via: Cisco Blog

The Internet of Things (IoT) presents a number of challenges for network engineers. In my previous post, I explained how Cisco is helping to address the biggest IoT challenge by far: security. In this post, we’ll cover the next challenge: […]


Tune in: Network Automation Use Cases & Webinars Help Guide Your Journey

July 30, 2019

Via: Cisco Blog

It is a much-discussed question and has been since… well, forever! Do you get stuck when writing your network automation code? If you said yes, you won’t be the first and most certainly be the last either. I was asked […]