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Verizon Buys Software Defined Perimeter Assets from Vidder

November 20, 2018

Via: The Fast Mode

Verizon acquired the PrecisionAccess solution and other Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) related assets from privately held Vidder, a company offering trusted and unified access control. Terms of the transaction were not announced. Vidder’s advanced technology is already integrated into Verizon’s […]


Vision 2018: Sony presents evolutionary suite of cameras, software

November 12, 2018


At the Vision expo in Stuttgart, Germany, Sony’s Imaging & Sensing Solutions division (ISS) showcased its latest ranges of cameras for medical and surveillance apps, embedded vision-friendly systems, polarizing cameras and augmented reality solution known as Mitene. Arnaud Destruels, Marketing […]

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Cyber security relics: 4 older technologies still plaguing the infosec world

November 2, 2018

Via: CSO

If you bumped into me on the street, you would probably not guess that I am a cyber security professional. I am, one might say, well-seasoned. Given my history of chasing bad actors who were attacking my mainframe, some may […]

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ICANN’s internet DNS security upgrade apparently goes off without a glitch

October 12, 2018

Via: Networkworld Software

So far, so good. That’s the report from Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) as it rolled out the first-ever changing of the cryptographic key that helps protect the internet’s address book – the Domain Name System (DNS) […]

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Reconciling information security and shrink-wrap agreements

September 21, 2018

Via: CSO

There is simply no avoiding it. Every business, regardless of size or type, has entered into “shrink-wrap” or “click-wrap” agreements (i.e., non-negotiable agreements provided with various types of software and cloud services). In most instances, even small organizations are bound […]


Do IT Pros Consider Security When Purchasing Software?

August 27, 2018

Via: CSO

Traditionally, security was about cost avoidance. It was thought of like insurance – something you have to have in case something bad happens, but not something that would boost the bottom line or attract customers. But in today’s environment, we […]

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Software products aren’t cookies

August 20, 2018

Via: CSO

When I started working on computer security, organizations that worried about security were concerned about the security of software that they created themselves and shipped to their customers. Today, a lot has changed – many (most?) organizations that deliver software […]


Nokia, China Mobile complete 5G single-user downlink test

August 17, 2018

Via: RCR Wireless News

Nokia and China Mobile announced they have successfully completed a 5G single-user downlink test using a third-party device. The two companies said they achieved a peak data rate of 1.4 GB/s in the trial, which conformed with 3GPP-compliant 5G New […]


Cisco software, subscription strategies pay off

August 16, 2018

Via: Networkworld Software

Cisco’s strategy of diversifying into a more software-optimized business is paying off – literally. The software differentiation was perhaps never more obvious than in its most recent set of year-end and fourth quarter results. (Cisco’s 2018 fiscal year ended July […]

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Value Chain Security: The Ultimate Team Sport

July 18, 2018

Via: Cisco Blog

In a world of increasingly “extreme” sports, I offer the premise that security in a connected world is truly the most extreme team sport of all. Why? Because while it demands a tightly aligned team, often we do not even […]