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New Trojan ZenRAT masquerades as Bitwarden password manager

September 28, 2023

Via: CSO Online

Researchers have come across a new Trojan program dubbed ZenRAT that is being distributed as an installer for the popular Bitwarden password management application, as well as employing other tricks to deceive users. The Trojan has information-stealing capabilities and hasn’t […]


Computer viruses explained: Definition, types, and examples

April 28, 2022

Via: CSO

A computer virus is a form of malicious software that piggybacks onto legitimate application code in order to spread and reproduce itself. Like other types of malware, a virus is deployed by attackers to damage or take control of a […]

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After a decade, Qbot Trojan malware gains new, dangerous tricks

August 27, 2020

Via: CSO

The Qbot Trojan has been plaguing computer users and businesses for over a decade and the cybercriminals behind it are still coming up with new tricks that keep it one of the most prevalent and successful malware threats. The latest […]


Stealthy USB Trojan hides in portable applications, targets air-gapped systems

March 25, 2016

Via: CSO

A Trojan program is being distributed through USB drives and seems to be designed for stealing information from so-called air-gapped computers that are not connected to the Internet. The new Trojan has been dubbed USB Thief by security researchers from […]


A new Android banking trojan is also ransomware

February 19, 2016

Via: CSO

A new kind of Android malware steals online banking credentials and can hold a device’s files hostage in exchange for a ransom, delivering a particularly nasty one-two punch. The malware, called Xbot, is not widespread yet and appears to be […]