image credit: Pixabay

AI and 5G wireless coopetition have begun

March 21, 2024


A few decades ago, there was something new and interesting happening and we gave it a name. We called it coopetition. This is when competitors find a reason, even a need, to work together for their mutual best interest. Coopetition is typically a short-term solution to a larger, but temporary problem. Today, coopetition is starting up once again with AI and 5G. Let’s take a closer look and see what this means for every competitor, customer, worker and investor.

Recently, in a private executive briefing, I explained to top-level execs how their industry is changing thanks to new technologies and new thinking. One item every CEO and senior executive is interested in is a clear understanding the forces which are reshaping their industry. And this is impacting a growing number of industries.

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