image credit: Adobe Stock

Wi-Fi 7 May Be Closer Than You Think

September 11, 2023


Last year, Intel and Broadcom carried out the first cross-vendor Wi-Fi 7 cross-vendor demonstration, where an Intel-based laptop with Wi-Fi 7 connected to a Broadcom Wi-Fi 7 access point. And this summer, EnGenius Technologies launched what it claims to be the first cloud Wi-Fi 7 access points for the enterprise.

While the company (EnGenius) says it will have products available later this year, many in the industry are looking to 2024 as the year we will start seeing new standards-based and Wi-Fi Alliance-certified Wi-Fi 7 products hit the market. Even at that, given the time it takes to evaluate and purchase IT products, now might be the right time for enterprises to start looking at Wi-Fi 7.

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