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Assessing Network Analysis and Visibility Solutions for Zero Trust

June 13, 2022

Via: CSO

The rising trend of zero trust implementation is a direct reaction to increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. Zero-trust principles foster more effective threat detection because they reject the notion that security happens at the perimeter and that all network traffic is legitimate […]

Monitoring&Analysis, Security

Network analysis can find malware before it strikes

July 5, 2017

Via: Networkworld Security

Network traffic analysis should be used more in the fight against malware. That’s because pointers show up on the network “weeks and even months” in advance of new malicious software being uncovered, scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology explain […]


Using Wireshark To Hunt for HTTP Errors

June 8, 2016

Via: Network Computing

One of the biggest advantages of using a network analysis tool with a reporting facility is the ability to aggregate and summarize specific characteristics to save you time and brain cells. For example, Wireshark has a lot of information you […]