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Cisco CCNA and AWS cloud networking rank among highest paying IT certifications

November 30, 2023

Via: Network World

Cloud expertise continues to be in high demand and attract the highest compensation. Networking and security credentials are also financially fruitful, according to Skillsoft’s ranking of the 20 top-paying IT certifications going into 2024. At number one on this year’s […]

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Infrastructure teams need multi-cloud networking and security guardrails

October 25, 2023

Via: Network World

Public cloud migration long ago wrested control over digital infrastructure from network and security teams, but now is the time for those groups to retake the initiative. Cloud operations and DevOps groups will never cede ground, but they will welcome […]

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Four Key Requirements for Multi-Cloud Networking Success

January 11, 2023

Via: Network Computing

Today’s CIOs face a challenging reality. As organizations around the world move applications and workloads to the cloud and work to ensure on-demand application availability, connecting workloads reliably and at scale has never been more difficult. CIOs are now tasked […]